Previous talks

  • Visual Regression Testing
  • Responsive Type Systems
    Jason Weaver will be discussing how to build a consistent system for typography to use on websites of all sizes. Key Sass items: list data type and the @each directive.
  • Toolkit
    We'll be discussing the magic of Toolkit for Sass and the differences between @extends and @mixins
  • RWD Bloat
    Responsive Web Design gets a bad rap for performance. Dave investigates and busts some myths.
  • Intro to Singularity
    Singularity lets you toss out your old, stodgy grid system and create a system of columns and gutters that actually works with your content, allowing different layouts at different breakpoints, a visual order that isn't tied to your source order, and no more terrible class names.
  • Conference Recap Panel
    We're hosting a panel of attendees and speakers of both CSSDevConf and SassConf to recap whats new and share resources!
  • Sass Tooling
    Flip's talk will cover (mostly) platform agnostic tooling for writing better Sass. Eddie discusses how one Wordpress theme is used across four domains.
  • Sass: An Overview
    For the first-ever ATXSass meetup, we'll start simple — with an overview. Elyse walks you through the most common Sass features and explain why preprocessors are valuable to the pure CSS fan.