Cupping Massage – Benefits and Common Questions Answered

Cupping Massage – Benefits and Common Questions Answered

It may have become fashionable in recent years as a growing number of professionals have begun to use it. It, however, has a long history in ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern culture. Cupping techniques come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The two most well-known are dry and moist. In both of these treatments, the therapist ignites a combustible chemical, then places it on your skin after it cools, creating a suction. Post therapy sessions you might see some red circles as this technique causes your blood vessels to expand. Hot stone massage in Dubai is where you can find such therapy.

This cupping massage improves blood circulation, works on blood disorders such as anemia, skin problems like eczema and acne, migraine, anxiety and depression. As this directly works on blood circulation, it also improves immunity.

Who To Go To?

You can go to any certified massage therapist or health care professional like a physical therapist or acupuncturist who has the right certification and training to perform this therapy safely.

Is This Safe?

Currently, it is a very safe form of therapy with a few side effects like bruises, burns or mild discomfort. It can only happen if the cups are not sterilized properly or are contaminated. Though pregnant women are advised to consult their doctors before getting this therapy.

The Difference

The idea behind both the therapies are the same, to activate your circulatory system, reduce body tension and stress. But the techniques that are used are completely opposite. One works by applying pressure and in this one vacuum is created using cups.


If you are just looking for a cupping therapy session, then it lasts between 15 to 30 minutes and uses 5 to 7 cups. Try to keep this between 3 to 5 cups during your initial sessions so that your body gets used to it.

How Does It Help?

As mentioned above there are a lot of health issues that can be solved with the help of this method. But if we talk in a general sense it helps your body relax and releases all the stiffness.

In Conclusion

This is a technique that is still popular and is being used by people till now. It has a lot of benefits on the body and you will only be able to witness them if you try it once and make it a part of your routine. It is one of the best massage Dubai. Book yourself an appointment and see.

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